Accompanied by AHY, SBY welcomed Prabowo in Mega Kuningan

kata indo . Jakarta - Ketum Gerindra Prabowo Subianto arrived at the residence of Ketum Democratic Party (PD) Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Prabowo's arrival and group were welcomed by SBY and his son, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY). Wearing brown batik, Prabowo arrived at SBY's house, Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta, at around 3:00 p.m. WIB, Friday (12/21/2018). Presidential candidate number 02 was accompanied by a number of members of his timses and the Gerindra elite. Just like Prabowo, SBY and AHY and Ibas also appear wearing batik with matching colors, namely chocolate. They look shaking and cipiki. Seen in Prabowo's group, Gerindra Board of Trustees member and Chairman of the Prabowo-Sandiga Uno Winning Body (BPN), Djoko Santoso. In addition, there is the Coordinator of BPN Prabowo-Sandiaga, Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak. There are also a number of Gerindra elites, including Sugiyono, Fuad Bawazier, and Rachmawati Soekarnoputri. Also seen are some Democratic elites on location. A

SBY Wants Prabowo to Win, PD-Gerindra Harvests the Voice

Jurnal kabar. Jakarta - After 3 months of not meeting, Ketum PD SBY and his presidential candidate, Prabowo Subianto, held a meeting. This meeting discussed the strategy of winning Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno. "We certainly want Mr. Prabowo to win the presidential election," SBY said in a press conference after a meeting at his residence, Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta, Friday (12/21/2018). However, both of them are not only focused on winning the presidential election. But also want to make sure the Gerindra Party and the Democratic Party also win the legislative election. "Of course we want both the Democratic Party and the Gerindra Party to get a big vote in the legislative elections," said SBY, who was accompanied by Prabowo Subianto and a number of PD and Gerindra elites. SBY then said PD and Gerindra were ready to build a good synergy in facing the presidential election. Starting in January, the campaign will be increasingly massive. "Synergy and good coo

Targets to Win Presidential Election, Prabowo & SBY Greetings Command!

Harian id . Jakarta - Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto and Democratic Party Chairperson Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) finished holding a meeting and delivered a joint press statement. Prabowo-SBY then greet you! The Prabowo and SBY meetings were held at SBY's residence in the Mega Kuningan area, South Jakarta, Friday (12/21/2018). SBY said Democrats and Gerindra would try to win the presidential election and legislative elections in 2019. "We certainly want Pak Prabowo to win the presidential election," SBY said. SBY and Prabowo want to make sure the Gerindra Party and the Democratic Party also win the legislative election. "Of course we want both the Democratic Party and the Gerindra Party to get a big vote in the legislative elections," SBY said. After holding a press conference, Prabowo and SBY posed before the media. Both command commands.

Action 2112 for Uighurs, Road in Front of the Chinese Embassy Closed

siaran id . Jakarta - The police transferred vehicle traffic around the Chinese Embassy, ​​Jakarta. The reason was the mass action of 2112 solidarity for Uighur Muslims who held an action there. "We are forced to close because this is already on the side of the road. The ones from the Mega Kuningan to Satrio will be straight again. There are many accesses that go here or out to Rasuna Said. From inside they can't, from the left they can't "There are officers who will direct because the employees here are still on the move," South Jakarta Police Chief Sr. Comr. Indra Jafar said in front of the Chinese Embassy, ​​Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta, Friday (12/21/2018). Police demanded mass action of 2112 solidarity for Uighur Muslims who held a demonstration in front of the Chinese Embassy in Jakarta, not provoked. The masses are expected to follow the applicable regulations. "We only urge our friends to express their aspirations in accordance with the rules that ap

Merak-Bakauheni is only 1 hour, through an executive dock

siaran rakyat . Cilegon - The executive port of Merak Port, Banten, began serving passengers. However, only pedestrian passengers can be served. The executive dock is also called a premium dock. In the dock area of ​​the ships operating only executive ships. The ship will take a sea trip from Merak in Banten to Bakauheni in Lampung in just 1 hour. "For executives on the terminal side, it is almost finished finishing, even though the soft launch that we carried out on the 17th is delayed because there are things that need to be resolved," said General Manager of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry Merak Branch Fahmi Alweni to reporters On Wednesday (12/19/2018). ASDP prepares 4 executive ships to deliver passengers from both Merak and Bakauheni. The facilities inside the ship are said to be different from ships on an ordinary dock. "We have already operated these two operations on two ships off each side at Merak and Bakauheni. When things happened unexpectedly, the ship that we left

Ampera Bridge Will Be Closed When New Year's Eve For 2 Hours

kata Pos . Palembang - Palembang icon, Ampera Bridge will be closed for 2 hours on New Year's Eve. This is because it will be the center of the celebration of the New Year's Eve. "Usually the New Year's Eve celebration is centered around BKB (Benteng Kuto Besak). But it is not uncommon for residents to gather at the Ampera Bridge, so as usual Ampera is closed 2 hours, from 23.00 WIB to 01.00 WIB," said North Sumatra Regional Police Chief, Inspector General Zulkarnain at the South Sumatra Regional Police Headquarters on Monday (12/17/2018). With the closure, residents can certainly gather in the integrated Wistaa area. Starting from Pendestrian Walk Sudirman, Perjuangan Rakyat Monument, Fountain of Water circle and its surroundings. "If the 2-hour bridge is closed, it means that it can be a gathering place on the eve of the year. After that it will open to pass from Seberang Ilir to Ulu, Palembang," he said. The closure itself, according to Zulkarnain, is

As a result of the exploding ship on the Musi River, Smoke Cover the Ampera Bridge

Portal fakta . Palembang - A ship carrying fuel oil (BBM) is burning under the Ampera Bridge, Palembang, South Sumatra. The sound of the ship's explosion before it burned made a scene. "The ship caught fire and exploded earlier about 40 minutes ago. The ship took fuel oil, do not know whether diesel or Premium," said Candra, one of the residents at the location on Thursday (12/20/2018). Not yet known exactly why the ship caught fire and exploded under the iconic Pempek City bridge. But Candra said the victim was rushed to the nearest hospital. "There were victims being taken to AK Gani Hospital together to Muhammad Hoesin Hospital. There were children as well as victims. The smoke was thick, until the riders on the bridge stopped," added the man from across the Ulu. Shortly after it caught fire and a puff of smoke soared, the boat, usually called jukung by the residents, was carried away. Even the ship reportedly sank after being carried away by hundreds of mete

7 people burn, as a result of the ship exploding under the Ampera bridge

Jurnal Portal . Palembang - The fuel-carrying vessel exploded and caught fire in the waters of the Musi River, precisely near Ampera, Palembang, South Sumatra. There were seven people who were victims. "There are seven people, but one has not yet been found," said spokesman for the Palembang Basarnas office, Fery Irwan, when asked for confirmation on Thursday (12/20/2018). Of the six victims found, the majority suffered serious burns and were referred to the Hohammad Hoesin Hospital. One out of six victims burns and some even burn up to 90 percent. "There was one victim whose burn was severe, estimated at 90 percent. One drowning victim is still in the process of searching. He was an employee at the 5 Ulu floating gas station," Fery said. As is known, the fuel transport vessel exploded and caught fire around the Ampera Bridge at 3:30 a.m. WIB. A strong explosion made the surrounding people excited. Shortly after the ship exploded and caught fire, the ship was carrie

The total number of victims of the ship exploded under the Ampera Bridge was 11 people

id Utama . Palembang - A Jukung ship carrying fuel caught fire in the waters of the Musi River, Palembang, South Sumatra yesterday afternoon. 11 people were recorded as victims, one of whom was a 4-year-old boy. "The number of victims recorded until this morning there were 11 people. All suffered injuries to the body due to burning, small child victims were there and 4 years old," explained Public Relations of Basarnas Palembang, Ferry Irawan when confirmed on Friday (12/21/2018). As for the victims, all came from Palembang and Banyuasin. Where at the time of the incident the victim was at the location of a passenger ride that was refueling. "Initially there was one jukung which carried oil exploded and caught fire. At the same time there was also another support for the contents of the fuel which had been struck and caught on fire," Ferry added. Seeing the flames getting bigger, the victims had tried to run to save themselves. But finally it caught fire and immedia

2 BBM ships explode under the Ampera bridge

faktual indonesia . Palembang - A jukung exploded in a floating SPBB in the Ulu 5 Bunker, in the waters of the Musi River, Palembang City, South Sumatra. After that, the ship grabbed another BBM ship and exploded. Finally, two ships exploded. "The results of the witnesses' testimony were temporary because of the sparks from the jukung. At that time the ship will be turned on, but there was a spark from the engine," said Head of the Palembang Police Hospital, Kompol Cahyo Yudho on Friday (12/21/2018). As a result of the explosion and burning of the jukung, it was found that 10 people were injured and one person was still declared missing. Even this morning the joint team of Polair and the Palembang Basarnas office had searched for a radius of 5 Km. "For the missing victims, they are still in search. We immediately examine the witnesses if they have started to improve. Now they are all traumatized," Yudho said. "I have stated so far that there has been no sus

Starting Next Year Poor Families Get IDR 10 Million in Assistance

Jakarta - Kabar gembira buat keluarga miskin di Indonesia. Mulai 2019 pemerintah akan melipatgandakan bantuan sosial melalui program keluarga harapan (PKH). Hal itu juga terkonfirmasi dari alokasi anggaran PKH naik hampir dua kali lipat dari Rp 19,3 triliun di tahun 2018 menjadi Rp 34,4 triliun di tahun 2019. Pemerintah juga memutuskan untuk mengubah skema dari yang semula flat menjadi sesuai kondisi dan komponen.

Happy, couples in Palembang when their old house was dissected

Go fakta . Palembang - A happy look was seen covering the faces of married couples (couples) Sumiyadi (53) and Nurhasanah (46). After getting help, their rickety house is now being built. Sumiyadi and Nurhasanah themselves are couples who previously lived in uninhabitable homes. His old 4x6 meter house almost collapsed and remained with his daughter. "Yesterday at around 6:30 a.m., my house was demolished. Those who were unloading from the community and officials in this village," Sumiyadi explained on Monday (12/03/2018). After being dismantled, the community began to build a house foundation right next to the rickety house. The foundation was resumed today. "Today's development began after the news was reported with the media. So far, assistance from a number of donors, if the workforce was said by the Provincial Social Service," Sumiyadi added. Assistance received, looks various kinds, ranging from bricks, sand, coral and cement. There are also basic needs, c